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J. Hoberman

J. Hoberman is the senior film critic at the Village Voice, an adjunct professor of cinema at Cooper Union, and regular contributor to VQR. He is the author of over a half dozen books, including The Dream Life: Movies, Media, and the Mythology of the Sixties (New Press, 2003) and The Magic Hour: Film at Fin De Siécle (Temple, 2003).


Behold the Man: Steven Soderbergh’s Epic Film Biography of Che

Winter 2009 | Criticism

Ecce homo: Ernesto, Fuser, The Argentine, The Heroic Guerrilla, The Shadowy Power Behind Fidel Castro, The Great Compañero, The New Socialist Man, The Last Armed Prophet, The Most Complete Human Being of Our Age, The Clearest, Most Unequivocal Image of the Humanity of the World-Wide Revolutionary Struggle Unfolding Today, Santo Che de La Huigera, El Che, Che.

The Long Road of Lonesome Rhodes

They called the 1950s the Age of Anxiety. The Red Scare was well over by mid-decade, but the Republic was by no means secure. It was during the epochal year of 1956 that Elia Kazan and Budd Schulberg collaborated on a warning—not about al [...]