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digital media

The ​Silent ​History, a serialized, interactive novel produced for the iPhone and iPad by Ying Horowitz & Quinn.

Art for App’s Sake

It is the duty of the creator of any book app to assume that whatever sense of immersion we enjoy in a conventional book can be improved upon. More things to become immersed in, the logic goes, means more immersion, which means a better book. 

Seventy-Two Hours on the Future of Publishing (Day 2)

October 11, 2013

VQR’s web editor, Jane Friedman, is at Frankfurt Book Fair this week participating in a seventy-two-hour project to write a book on the future of publishing. Read her earlier post on Day 1, as well as Is Self-Publishing the Most Importa [...]

Innovative Serial Fiction in an App: Q&A with Eli Horowitz

October 11, 2012

This month, a new experiment in digital storytelling has launched: The Silent History. Described as a serialized, exploratory novel for iPad and iPhone, this stand-alone app delivers brief installments to your iOS device over a period of six months. [...]