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Kimberley Ross

Keller in Effects

Keller Introduces Himself: 1953 The golden age of animation came to an end slowly for Adam Keller. Once, for a film called Fantasia, Keller had created lovely images: lava flows boiling over rocks, jellyfish pulsing through a primordial sea. But pr [...]

Glebov Junior

On Friday evening Glebov Senior took a turn for the worse: The ache started in his chest, spreading to his shoulder and then into his back. The ambulance was sent for. 

Shaving the Graveyard

The graveyard being what he called his face; even as a young man he called his face the graveyard—he talked like that, funny, odd things that scared me sometimes in our early years—I thought maybe he was a little touched (his Uncle Bob was certi [...]