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free verse

Last City

June 25, 2014

Perhaps it is the matter of going outwhich bothers me. That you or I or someone we know will have to get up,wearing only the warmth of the memory of our clothes, and find an airy socketin the car-fumed street. They say it is possible, for those wh [...]

Is Free Verse Killing Poetry?

September 4, 2012

Editor's note: After VQR's Spring 2012 issue released, I received an e-mail response to Willard Spiegelman's essay, "Has Poetry Changed?" from former National Geographic photojournalist and published poet William Childress. I asked him [...]

Story of My Life

There must be dozens of poems with the title “Story of My Life.”Maybe even hundreds. It’s a natural, a même—which is pronounced to rhyme with team, by the way, though I keep thinking it should be meme, as in the French word for “same.” I [...]