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Photograph by Fred Viebahn

An Interview With Rita Dove

In Germany, I began to experience what it was like to think in another language. Also, the way Germans looked at me—with curiosity but no racial baggage—was so different than Americans. I began to understand a little bit more about my own country and how I fit in or not. 

House vs. Home

A house is not a home. It is but a pile of sticks. “‘Home is,” on the other hand, as Robert Frost famously said, “the place where, when you have to go there, / They have to take you in.’” Less well known, and more resonant, are the words that follow: “‘I should have called it / Something you somehow haven’t to deserve.’”

Denken Und Leben

Vor mir liegt, auf sammtenem Grunde, ein zierliches Schmuckstuck,—eine Reise-Trophae, ein ehrenvol-ler Besitz. Es ist eine kleine, goldene, mit Ringen versehene Plakette, deren eine Seite, zwischen dreieckig ge-stellten Sternen nnd einer weisenden [...]