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Peter Trachtenberg

Peter Trachtenberg is the author of Another Insane Devotion (Da Capo, 2012), The Book of Calamities (Little, Brown, 2008), which won the Phi Beta Kappa Society’s Ralph Waldo Emerson Award, and 7 Tattoos: A Memoir in the Flesh (Crown, 1997). The recipient of a Whiting Award and a Guggenheim Fellowship, he teaches in the writing program at the University of Pittsburgh and in the core faculty of the Bennington Writing Seminars. 


A Basket of Replaceables

August 20, 2017

All the time I was watching the young white fascists rioting in Charlottesville, I kept thinking, Those losers. I probably said it aloud a few times. This is a pretty easy conclusion to draw about people who have traveled some distance to wear body a [...]