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love the summer issues of commercial magazines with their exotic vacation escapes. Notwithstanding the crass product placement of beachwear, they are welcoming at a time of the year when we need to recharge. Certainly, the VQR staff wants our magazine to be welcoming, too, regardless of how much it differs from our glossy cousins on the newsstand. In this issue, you will find the characteristic summer fare of stories set in far-​flung locales, but with our distinctive editorial treatment.

The Virginia Quarterly Review, 1925–1935

June 11, 2009

The Virginia Quarterly Review was first published by the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in the spring of 1925. Conceived as a “national journal of discussion,” the journal was created by liberal Southern educators who sought to cultivate a “fellowship of uncongenial minds” among editors, writers and readers in the South, in an era when the region was publicly derided for its lack of intellectual leadership and debate.