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Photograph by Sarah Khatry

An Audience with Wirathu

August 10, 2016

“Don’t publish the article with any adjective I did not use. If you want to use an adjective, use ‘Myanmar nationalist.’”

“That’s how you want to be described?”

“Yes.” He chuckles. “Don’t use ‘radical’ or ‘brutal.’ ‘Burmese bin Laden.’”

Photos by Julia Cooke

Vestiges of the Socialist Time

December 21, 2015

The third installment of #VQRTrueStory—our new social-media experiment in which stories and images cross platforms, from Instagram to the website to the magazine—features Julia Cooke in Mawlamyine, Burma.

An Inside Look at Burma From VQR

August 2, 2012

  Shwedagon Spire (Burma), photo by Christopher Bartlett   Our Summer 2012 issue features original reporting on and from Burma. Since 1996, Burma has asked foreigners to stay away, but independent travel has been encouraged fol [...]