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Jungle Jangle

sic on it, the cameras: witch-green greasepaint canopy—
pan down: the thick bamboo lattice
twine-bound—pan down: dirt with rags to gag up,

California Sun

The pool whirrs suddenly, and the bluebottom stirs, like the blue in the sky when clouds sail across its seas.The tangerine sapling may be dying, hasn’t grown in two months. Frondson palms are limp and brown. Paradise is thirsty this November. [...]

The Neighborhood

Here and there occasionalas navels and avocados droppedby the path, scarlet cardinals,puppies, squirrels, and dodo birds pop on front yards—pressed resin, pressedtin, all kinds of acrylic from China.Someone loves them no lessthan the animals tha [...]

Fevered Shapes

I wallowed in a needle-spawned world,
addicted to dope and the crazy life,
and yet there I was—in Berkeley
for my first poetry reading.