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VQR Vault

From the VQR Vault: Ties That Bind

All that fitful mercy infected us.It could make you believe in God or your wedding dayOr even being big yourself, having childrenAnd kissing them and frowning because the two neverGet untangled, the hand that teases you will beatYou too. Somedays we [...]

From the VQR Vault: The Golden State

I was a child. That was no day of regret.My mother didn’t reprimand me.Her gray-green eyes, at lunch,seemed saddened scanning the Monterey coast,its churned-up whitecaps surging beyond our window,the sea lions’ melancholy barks shuddering highe [...]

From the VQR Vault: Appetite & Hunger

All around her, we sounded melons, practicedat hearing what we couldn’t see, pretending notto notice when she stopped at the stall where the Amish displayed their loaves of zucchini and pumpkin bread,hand-thick oatmeal cookies, pecan pies—all wr [...]