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Parshley Experiment

January 1, 2018

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VQR Thanks Outgoing Publisher Jon Parrish Peede

September 28, 2016

Virginia Quarterly Review Publisher Jon Parrish Peede, who has led the publication for the past five years, has resigned effective September 30 to return to his writing career, nonprofit consulting, and arts advocacy. 

This year, Peede oversaw the operational transition of VQR from the office of the Vice President for Research to the newly established Center for Media and Citizenship at the University of Virginia. Media Studies Professor Siva Vaidhyanathan, the founding director of the center, thanked Peede for his service to the publication.

“Jon Peede has served VQR with creativity and commitment through much transition,” Vaidhyanathan said. “He served during a time of great financial pressure on magazines. Throughout his time with VQR, the magazine published some of the finest prose, fiction, poetry, and photography in the world.”

Illustration by Gosia Herba

Happy Families Are All Alike

Fall 2015 | Fiction

Introducing our Fall 2015 issue, featuring a suite of five short stories that share an insight into the curious ties that bind a family together.

Mapping: Food Diplomacy

Spring 2015 | Multimedia

President Barack Obama’s decision to reinstate diplomatic relations with Cuba was met with mixed reactions politically but launched a frenzy in the private sector for US companies seeking to stake a claim on a potentially lucrative new market. Fo [...]

Conference Blog

August 7, 2014 | Articles

August 7, 2014 Win Bassett Richard Bausch kicked off the 2014 VQR Writers’ Conference with a sermon of sorts. After an anecdotal introduction by VQR publisher Jon Parrish Peede, Bausch (in a fishing hat and standing opposite his twin brother si [...]

Robert Penn Warren submission

Robert Penn Warren’s Submission of “John Crowe Ransom: A Study in Irony,” 1935

Winter 2014 | Criticism

In 1931, Robert Penn Warren received free books in exchange for penning unsigned reviews for the Virginia Quarterly Review. However, his poems and stories were repeatedly rejected. Finally, he wrote the editor, Stringfellow Barr: “If my prose . . . is decent enough for you to print, my verse is equally, or more, so. Or, is a prose review regarded as merely a space filler in the Quarterly?”

By Its Cover

Spring 2013 | Articles

Craig Mod, Rodrigo Corral, Michael Fusco, John Gall, and Jon Gray discuss book covers that have influenced their thinking about design.

The First Inaugural Poet

January 18, 2013 | Criticism

  This manuscript of “The Gift Outright” is part of the Frost correspondence and manuscripts in the VQR archives in the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia In honor of President Barack Oba [...]

The Halo Project

Fall 2012 | Photography

New Orleans photog­rapher Libbie Allen was raised Catholic, but broke from the Church years ago. While she no longer practices any specific faith, spirituality remains a force in her life. What’s more, she never lost her love for the symbols of faith.