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The Defeated

In battles of no renown My fellows and I fell down,
And over the dead men roar The battles they lost before.
The thunderstruck flagstaffs fall,

The Soft Knock

October 9, 2009

Without warning, a hobbled old Afghan man comes around the corner, surprising the soldier guarding the door. The soldier yells, “Stop!” The old man inches forward on his cane.

Three Cups of Tea

July 20, 2009

Greg Mortenson has touched the lives of countless children on the Pakistani-Afghan border.

D-Day 65 Years On

June 6, 2009

This weekend I will be taking a journey into the heart of America and Americana with my grandfather to attend a D-Day commemoration at the Eisenhower Presidential Library.

Empires of the Mind

Recently, I came across a photo on the web of prisoners in Guantánamo. You know the one: shot at close range through a chain-link fence, we see a line of detainees in orange jumpsuits—hooded, hands tied, bent over and broken. They are the first crop of prisoners from the new Global War on Terror.