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Security Briefing, II

ISSUE:  Winter 2012

Photo by Marcus Bleasdale

“As you can see the camps are overpopulated,
and the small parts in between, if somebody
vanishes, getting to them is like a reunion date
that never goes down. In rain, roads are too muddy,
at all times too narrow. UN police are afraid
of patrolling in between on crowded footpaths
because you never know who will shoot you, what laid
plans will ambush your breath. There’s no moth’s
flickering, because there’s no lighting at night.
So far, my security has not had to face similar
plight, but the risk is there. The other possible case
that you are looking at is the threat of hostage
taking. We now have confirmed the presence
of Raskamboni, al Shabaab, TVG, the offstage players
who snatch refugees then vanish quick as a scent.”


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