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How to Build a Bomb

ISSUE:  Summer 2010

Begin with fear  paradise  around wall  a boy

No begin in the middle
my grandmother said a bird in the hand is
a shackle’s reaction
Polaris forfeiting its memory
say if I don’t have it
you can’t have it
it’s only a proliferated metaphor
I only know how to use it the right way
we’re able we don’t need Him
you aren’t old enough

I want to be just like you
son of Krypton
your eyes blue as the dead sea
it’s our age too I was born from clay 
believe in evolution
the nuclear family  the magnetism
you wed two unstable atoms together to 
we want our own Fat Boys Little Boys

Say I like heavy metal
Cactus Scorpion Deep Purple Rainbow
believe in mathematics  -(-x) does equal x
the enemy of my enemy is my friend
how many proton and neutrons do you have
we’re all Aryan
you don’t know how cold it gets in the desert
you only know the movies
the stars are the barbs in the sky

Move under so you can see better
say our summers are the same in heaven
it’s about charging Uranium Tetrachloride gas and directing it past the weak
say I begged my father for nitric acid in my chemistry set 
don’t worry we can save the infrastructure and arts
isn’t that what you want

Write I need tail cone air inlet tube altimeter sensor lead shield container
packing telemetry monitoring probe receptacles fuses tail fin deflectors
detonating heads

I’m not strong
I need Uranium-238 to contain all this burning
we want the rainforest the ocean shore
we want the tiger to come back
where the stars can’t hide behind the streetlamps
it’s not about the radio’s activities  we have the Web now
it’s about purifying enriching
about the elements
you want to preserve their endangered species
up up in the caves
mission vision fission 
a poem without a purpose
you can’t use it
it’s bait for God
I want to say it loud enough
make sure He knows we’re still here
say it!

I want to make you see the light in the falcon’s eye Captain America
Energy is our currency
it’s another way to say no
just a four letter word
as easy as A___ B___
an H is only an A with its head blasted off
it’s about compressing a sub-critical sphere of material
about separating sugar from glucose

I believe in the invisible
the emotion table  the fraternity of isotopes
I’ll follow you as Adam did  so He can find us
the Milky Way is the razor wire
whisper we love the glorious orange the jade green the clouds
Lord give us our daily word so we can

Say it’s about the divorce battles of clouds for the sea
the angel takeoff  her wing spread wide over
the moon rising on the far side of the earth
your tongue ticking
“I’m become Death.”
it’s going to be a blast
I’m become death


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