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Kaveh Bassiri

Kaveh Bassiri is the recipient of 2010 Witter Bynner Poetry Translation Residency. His poetry has won the Bellingham Review’s 49th Parallel Award and is forthcoming in Mississippi Review, Harpur Palate, Tusculum Review, and Atlanta Review.


It Was the End of the Sixth Day

It was the end of the sixth day, horizons ripened from violet shadows to violets of light. One was tired from the height of so much day and the strait of so much night. The air was still violet and scentless, when from Nile’s seaweed cam [...]

Should I Have Known

Should I have known already the time of his eyes’ formation, the time they began to walk behind me, and the visiting hours of dreams, I don’t know from where . . . Who knew that poets become refugees and tribeswomen suffer [...]

How to Build a Bomb

Summer 2010 | Poetry

Begin with fear  paradise  around wall  a boyNo begin in the middle my grandmother said a bird in the hand is a shackle’s reaction Polaris forfeiting its memory say if I don’t have it you can’t have it it’s only a prolife [...]