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Fall Issue Sold Out

PUBLISHED: October 25, 2006

As a result of the enormous demand for our Fall 2006 issue, we regret that we’ve completely sold out of copies. If you can’t pick up a copy in your local bookstore, which may still have a few in stock, you can always subscribe to VQR. That won’t get you a physical copy of the Fall 2006 issue (at this point, Winter 2007 will be the first issue you’ll receive), but you can read the entirety of the contents of the issue on our website, along with every other issue from the past thirty years.


Judy Plazyk's picture
Judy Plazyk · 17 years ago
I am appalled by this notice. Did you not anticipate the enormous interest in an unpublished Frost poem? Do subscribers not get copies before booksellers? Undoubtedly, VQR attracted many new subscribers when the news of the Frost poem broke–people who paid the full subscription price hoping to hold a copy of Frost’s poem in their hands to read again and again at any time from their own bookshelves. That they will not receive a physical copy is unconscionable. Here’s a word for you: Reprint.
Waldo Jaquith's picture
Every new subscriber will receive a copy of the Fall 2006 issue, Judy. But anybody who bought a new subscription beginning October 26 will not. Anybody who attempts to purchase a subscription is greeted with an extremely prominent notice that their subscription will begin with the Winter 2007 issue. Nobody who is expecting to receive a copy will fail to receive one.

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