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White Nights

ISSUE:  Spring 1983
   after a line by Montale

There are those who live
in the time that’s touched them.

They stay shocked

by a death or a kiss
and they won’t walk away,
won’t speak from the heart,

or stand too long near anyone.
Love took them by surprise
although they circled first

like beasts before a fight.
The world saw two people
going into one door.

Soon one wouldn’t open
that door to the other.
Yet the icy smirker can’t sleep

and there’s a hush
inside the one who still loves
as inside a room

when someone’s expected.
Strange, what makes them shudder,
afraid to cry, pick up the phone

or just walk outside.
One evening an old photo
from an album

stuns unnaturally hard
and there is no darkness
when they close their eyes.


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