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Spring 1983

Spring 1983

Volume 59, Number 2

  • Adda B. Bozeman’s “Decline of the West? Spengler Reconsidered”
  • Bernard P. Kiernan’s “The Conservative Illusion”
  • Max Putzel’s “Faulkner’s Memphis Stories”
  • Arthur F. Kinney’s “In Search of Flannery O’Connor”
  • Stories by Adda B. Bozeman, Bernard P. Kiernan, Max Putzel, and Arthur F. Kinney
  • Poetry by Stephen Dunn, Richard Jones, John Skoyles, and Shirley Kaufman
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Spring 1983

Table of Contents

Decline of the West? Spengler Reconsidered

The passage of time has never been taken for granted in the West. Rather, and as we know from the culture's rich records in philosophy, religion, history, and biography, it has challenged the thoughtful in all generations to explain time's ineluct [...]