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Pattiann Rogers


Inside God’s Eye

As if his eye had no boundaries, at night All the heavens are visible there. The stars drift And hesitate inside that sphere like white seeds Sinking in a still, dark lake. Spirals of brilliance, They float silently and slowly deeper and deeper Into [...]

The Creation of Protest

Stan Engelke (September 1965—May 1983) It's obvious that this objection occupies space. Look at its lavender-blue petals, its rose-bordered Ferns, the cut stems of its yellow blossoms filling The altar, covering the bier. And it's evident that this [...]

The Second Witness

The only function of the red-cupped fruit Hanging from the red stem of the sassafras Is to reveal the same shiny blue orb of berry Existing in me. The only purpose of the row of hemlocks blowing On the rocky ridge is to give form to the crossed lines [...]