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Walker and Claudine Cowen


Cookbook, Spring 1981

The Cook's Bookshelf. Fundamental books for the cook, in spite of the many titles published each year, are few and far between. Notable exceptions and great contributions are the splendid La Technique and La Méthode by Jacques Pépin. These books t [...]

Cookbook, Autumn 1981

We had been expecting a book like this for a long time, and this one is well worth the wait. Mrs. Sahni has a clear mind, the talent for explaining the most delicate techniques, and, above all, an excellent taste. She relies less on the southern Ind [...]

Cookbook, Spring 1982

Waverley Root's great erudition and talent have won him, in the hearts of food lovers, a place by M. F. K. Fisher. His Food of Italy, Food of France, (Knopf) and Eating in America, (Morrow, $16.95) are classics. So should be his two latest volumes. [...]

Cookbook, Autumn 1986

When it was first published in 1970, a year roughly post-Julia Child but pre-Nouvelle Cuisine, French Menu created a sensation. It was the first time such a book was arranged by seasonal menus—and what menus! Imaginative, brilliant, refined, exqui [...]

Cookbook, Autumn 1982

Charles H. Baker, Jr. has left us a treasure. A gentleman and a man of ample means, he also had wit and taste. We turn often to his The Gentleman's Companion. This is a two-volume work: Volume 1, Being an Exotic Cookery Book, Volume 2, Being an Exot [...]

Cookbook, Spring 1986

In our present world of decadent cuisine—too much of the exquisite over too little of the indispensable—it is a joy to find that Mrs. Kamman is still an artist at mixing both in admirable proportions. She has known the indispensable since she wo [...]

Cookbook, Spring 1983

Richard Sax is a typical New Cookbook author. American, young, trained here and abroad, he turns his back resolutely on obvious food, blends all the knowledge he has acquired here and there, seasons it with his own taste, and prepares simple, delici [...]

Cookbook, Autumn 1985

This beautiful book, lavishly set and illustrated, is more a gastronomic promenade through the British Isles than a real cookbook. For there are recipes here— hundreds of them—on every page diligently gleaned by Mrs. Grigson in the kitchens of [...]

Cookbook, Spring 1985

The renewed interest in authentic American cuisine has led many publishers recently to issue facsimile editions of old classics. Read one after the other, they provide a fascinating view on the evolution of American cooking in the 19th century, from [...]

Cookbook, Spring 1984

A book we rely on, winter and summer, is Alex D. Hawkes' The Flavors of the Caribbean and Latin America (Viking, 1978). There is, quite simply, no better comprehensive book on this interesting cuisine in English. If Hawkes' recollections of these la [...]

Cookbook, Autumn 1983

It almost goes without saying that Michel Guérard's Cuisine Minceur (Morrow, 1976) must be read and reread by all serious cooks. "Lean Cuisine" was the sudden, brilliant focus of a trend toward lighter, more inventive cooking that, as nouvelle cuis [...]

Cookbook, Summer 1976

A rare gem, this handsome book is for all those who seek to master the art of French cooking but have never been clearly told how to do it. What Descartes did for philosophy, the author has done for sauces, the soul of French cooking. If you do not [...]

Cookbook, Spring 1977

Bocuse, the spokesman for a new generation of French cooks, has become the best-known cook in the world. The publication of his cookbook—a long awaited event—is not a disappointment. This massive volume of 500 pages is a complete treatise on coo [...]

Cookbook, Autumn 1977

Wonderful. This should be in every kitchen. It is meant for the single person who wishes to eat well, "artists, poets, lazy people, secretaries," but who do not wish to be burdened with long preparations for a brief, good meal. All these recipes can [...]

Cookbook, Spring 1979

Dumas's Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine is a monument to gourmandise. Yet, because of its length and exuberance, it has never before been translated into English. Alan and Jane Davidson have finally gone through the task of "extracting the real Dumas [...]


We are very fond of Asian cooking, especially in summer. We have a large collection of regional books on the cuisine of the Far East, but we always return to The Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon (McGraw-Hill $15.95). The recipes are authe [...]

Cookbook, Spring 1980

Everyone interested in cooking should have Louis Saulnier's Le Repertoire de la cuisine, and, happily, it is now available in English. It contains the whole classic French cuisine in short compass. The virtues? If you travel, it reveals the menu: Du [...]

Cookbook, Autumn 1980

Everyone who wishes to cook must have at hand a comprehensive French cookbook. The best available for this purpose in English is La Cuisine, which is more modern in taste than Escoffier. The first 160 pages are splendid, and they should be read agai [...]