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Aanchal Malhotra

Aanchal Malhotra is an oral historian whose work on the 1947 Partition of India has been published as Remnants of A Separation: A History of the Partition through Material Memory (HarperCollins, 2017) in South Asia and Remnants of Partition: 21 Objects from a Continent Divided (Hurst, 2019) elsewhere. Malhotra currently lives in Delhi, India, and is the cofounder of the Museum of Material Memory.


Aanchal Malhotra’s Notes to Self

September 8, 2020 | Interviews

One of the undercurrents of the migration narrative is the story told by the objects of exodus, that economy of objects transformed by the trip itself—relics of a former life that are sold or hidden away; keepsakes that molder, heirlooms pored over ritually, a subtle history inherited. All of which raises the question: If forced to flee your country, what would you take with you?