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Aaron Glover

Aaron Glover’s first chapbook, Bio Logic, will be released via INF Press this winter. His poems have been presented by Chicon Street Poets and Illya’s Honey. He holds an MFA in acting from the University of Houston and has taught theatre and directed at Texas A&M University. 


Aloneness Is Next to Godliness

Winter 2017 | Poetry

I didn’t say I loved you but I did 
and also him, the one who stole away, 
with all my sacraments
wrapped in his curling laugh, 
thief of my night.
We find ourselves together,
cobbling a mystery of fleshes 

Indian Summer

Winter 2017 | Poetry

When you are young,
and he kisses you
from the side.

The muscles in his jaw—
I see them.
The infinite 
desperate stretch of his,
rendering the whole
of blunt language