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Adam Boucher

Adam Boucher spent twelve years in the Forest Service as a wildland firefighter, including four years on Hotshot crews. A graduate of the University of Wyoming MFA program, he lives in Laramie, Wyoming, and works as an engine captain for the Forest Service in Walden, Colorado.


Edward P. Jones's message to the author.

‘Just Write a Story’

July 15, 2014 | Essays

Though Jones was gentle about the story’s deficiencies, it was clear he was frustrated. I think this was because it was clear to him that the basics of humanity shouldn’t be that difficult to express. He spent an hour and a half going over the story with me sentence by sentence. In the end, his advice was simple: “Just write a story.”

Stephanie Shieldhouse

Leon’s Fire

Summer 2014 | Fiction

Leon was a loser, but a tough loser trapped in a linebacker’s body. He wasn’t a vindictive person, or a hateful person, but there were long gaps in his disposition where you could tell a certain kind of dimness was setting in, the kind of dimness you see in someone’s eyes at the end of a cruel act, like the one on Samson’s ranch.