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Adele Slaughter


Sleeping With My Sisters

1 Nights we all piled into the same double bed. Five girls, a huddled mass of elbows and rear ends. Each one massaging, scratching, begging another to rub her back. The little two got crammed in between our arm pits, honeysuckle on the vine. All thos [...]

Piano Lesson

On the edge of town in a brick house that stood next to the white stucco church on the corner lived the preacher and my piano teacher. Standing out front I imagined the smell of the inside; oak paneling, like cinnamon and the piano that sat like a li [...]

The Book of Denial

Nothing has ever happened. This is the dark place at which we begin and end. Questions only smear the ink, stop the presses, undo silence with words. Obvious words stand out, rubbing their sounds together. Questions throw open the window. letting in [...]

Wrestling With My Brother

Michael, given the name of an archangel, the son our parents could not have, you shared your adopted life with me. In Grandma's Virginia we rode horses reckless, bareback, through the fields like hounds, calling to the early moon. After dark, we clim [...]