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Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich’s most recent books of poetry are Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth and The School Among the Ruins. She edited Muriel Rukeyser’s Selected Poems for the Library of America. A Human Eye: Essays on Art in Society, appeared in 2009. “Confrontations” will be included in Tonight No Poetry Will Serve (Norton, 2011).


Rereading The Dead Lecturer

Spring 2006 | Poetry

  Overthrow.     And make new. An idea.     And we felt it. A meaning.     And we caught it as the dimensions spread, gathering in pre-utopian basements figured shadows [...]

Permeable Membrane

Spring 2006 | Essays

  1. Is poetry, should it be, “political”? The question, for me, evaporates once it’s acknowledged that poetic imagination or intuition is never merely unto-itself, free-floating, or self-enclosed. It’s radical, meaning, root-tangled i [...]

Voyage to Dénouement,

Spring 2006 | Poetry

  A child’s hand smears a wall     the reproof is bitter      wall contrives to linger     child, punisher, gone in smoke An artisan lays on hues:     lemon, saffr [...]


Spring 2006 | Poetry

  Cold wit leaves me cold this time of the world     Multifoliate disorders straiten my gait     Minuets don’t become me Been wanting to get out     see the sights but the exits are [...]

Plain Sight

Spring 2006 | Poetry

  My neighbor moving in a doorframe     moment’s reach of her hand     then withdrawn     As from             & [...]

Behind the Motel

Spring 2006 | Poetry

A man lies under a car half bare a child plays bullfight with a torn cloth hemlocks grieve in wraps of mist a woman talks on the phone, looks in a mirror fiddling with the metal pull of a drawer She has seen her world wiped clean, the cloth that wip [...]

Unknown Quantity

Spring 2006 | Poetry

Spring nights you pillow your head on a sack of rich compost     Charcoal, your hair sheds sparks through your muttered dreams Deep is your sleep in the starless dark and you wake in your live skin to show me a tulip  [...]