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Albert Guerard, Jr.



At two o'clock in the morning, somewhere along that blackened coast, the G. I. trucks picked us up, Where? We could not say, for all our certitudes had been shattered when the train turned irrevocably away from London and in the last twilight sped th [...]

Varieties of Romanticism

The Complete Collected Poems: 1906-1938. By William Carlos Williams. Norfolk, Connecticut: New Directions. $3.00. The Carnival. By Frederic Prokosch. New York: Harper and Brothers. $2.00. M: One Thousand Autobiographical Sonnets. By Merrill Moore. N [...]

Robert Bridges

Six years have passed since the death of Robert Bridges; almost a century since his birth. His career provides an amazing link with the past: in the year of his birth, 1844, Charles Darwin published his "Geological Observations on Volcanic Islan [...]

The Pattern of Puritanism

The Last Puritan. By George Santayana. New York: Charles Scribner & Sons. $2.75. George Santayana has not visited this country in a quarter of a century, yet "The Last Puritan" falls distinctly into the one essential and characterizi [...]