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Alexander Brock

Alexander Brock joins the Virginia Quarterly Review as Associate Editor. Previously, Alex worked with VQR as a fact-checker, while also teaching Arabic as an adjunct instructor at Xavier University, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

From 2009 to 2010, Alex was a Fulbright Scholar in Cairo, Egypt, conducting independent research in philosophy. He has worked at the Council on Foreign Relations, in Washington, DC, as a research associate for Middle East studies, in addition to being National Geographic’s translation reviewer for the French and Arabic editions of the magazine. Some of his work has appeared in venues such as Foreign Policy, the Christian Science Monitor, the Cincinnati Enquirer, and McSweeney’s.

Alex received his BA in philosophy from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in 2008.


Earth in the Balance

Spring 2021 | Articles

Nature, we learn, seeks to establish and maintain equilibrium. According to a study published late last year in Nature, Earth did just that, though not by design. It just so happens that the year 2020 marked the point at which anthropogenic mass (the mass of manmade inanimate objects) equaled Earth’s total biomass (the total mass of all living taxa, including the mass of humans and our livestock).

A Fact-Binding Mission

Winter 2019 | Articles

A prominent theme of Donald Trump’s presidency has been a well-known adage turned upside down: Everyone is entitled to their own facts, but not their own opinions. With the help of the various state apparatuses at his disposal, the president has engaged in a project of reality-creation through deception. These elaborate machinations operate in a circular process, with Trump’s potential personal or political gains acting as the centrifugal force moving the process from one stage to the next.