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Alexander Burnham



There were two moments in my father's day that I recall with particular fondness. The first was at the breakfast table where each morning The New York Times awaited his close perusal. As he read the gray, disciplined columns, he would express his d [...]

Cinema Lit

Had I decided in my student days to become a gentleman scholar in bow tie and tweed jacket rather than a newspaper reporter in tattered raincoat slogging through the muddy trenches of life, I might have conducted a course in literature. Had I done [...]

Prominent Poet, Eminent Editor

The Letters of William Cullen Bryant. Volume 1: 1809—1836, Volume 2: 1836—1849, Volume 3: 1849—1857, Volume 4: 1858—1864, Volume 5: 18651871, Volume 6: 1872—1878. Edited by William Cullen Bryant II and Thomas G.Voss. Fordham.$65 each volu [...]

Painted Ladies At Yale

Stern historians have never liked England's Charles II, the Restoration king whose ascension to the throne in 1660 was joyously greeted by enthusiastic London crowds after the death of grim Oliver Cromwell. Nor have they had a good word for the liv [...]

Okinawa, Harry Truman, and the Atomic Bomb

On June 9, 1945, I was 19 years of age and a radio operator aboard a Navy ship that someone in Washington had given the improbable name of USS Romulus. On that day, sitting in the ship's radio shack, I composed a letter to my mother and father. "I [...]