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Alice Adams

Alice Adams (1926-1999) was the author of eleven novels and five short story collections, including Careless Love, Families and Survivors, and Superior Women.


Are You In Love?

Spring 1976 | Fiction

"But I absolutely can't understand Mr. Auden," says Jessica Todd, flirtatiously. She is speaking to Linton Wheeler, a much younger man, a student and himself a poet. They are in Jessica's bookstore, in a small university town: Hilton, in the middle [...]

A Southern Spelling Bee

Winter 1977 | Fiction

One afternoon in the late thirties, in Washington, D.C., a blond and handsome man who was to become a World War II hero, a fighter pilot of exceptional daring—that man got so irritated at a little girl of six, his daughter's age, that he decided [...]

The Last Married Man

Spring 1978 | Fiction

A long time ago, when I was very young and thin and blond and broke—poor, actually—I had a disastrous love affair with a married diplomat, a consul, from a Fascist country. And, thinking back, I am not sure which aspect of this description gives [...]