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Andre Dubus III

Andre Dubus III is the author of Dirty Love (Norton, 2013); Townie (Norton, 2011), which won an American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature; The Garden of Last Days (Norton, 2008); and House of Sand and Fog (Norton, 1999), a number one New York Times bestseller, Oprah’s Book Club pick, and finalist for the National Book Award. He is a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a National Magazine Award, and two Pushcart Prizes. He lives with his family north of Boston.



Winter 2015 | Essays

This was more than thirty years ago. In those days, I could not afford a desk and lamp or a library to put them in; but even if I could, I believe I would have run from that. I preferred to travel lightly, to carry only pencils and a notebook and shadow my nascent fiction like a hunter or neurotic lover.