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Andre Lambertson

Andre Lambertson is a New York–based photojournalist, filmmaker, and teacher. His award-winning photo essays have appeared in Time, US News and World Report, Life, National Geographic, and the New York Times Magazine. His photographs appeared, accompanied by Kwame Dawes’s poems, in the Summer 2010 issue of VQR.


Sometimes Miracles

Ashes Sometimes Miracles Deep Empathy Prelude Badge Breath Getting High Dumb Heroes Miracle Mother and Child In the Hospital Fly White Pigeon My photographic journey into the lives of inner city kids began by accid [...]


A series of paired photographs and poems that document the effects of deprivation, poverty, and racism on young people in the United States.


The Guardy and the Shame

June 13, 2015 | Multimedia

Kwame Dawes confronts the legacy of homophobia and the shame in Jamaica's largely Christian culture.

To Disclose or Not?

May 29, 2015 | Multimedia

In early December 2013 and early 2014, writer Kwame Dawes and photographer Andre Lambertson traveled to Jamaica to investigate the experience of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Christian church.

The Guardy and the Shame

January 6, 2015 | Reporting

Jamaicans are primed to contend with all who speak ill of their country. As someone who grew up and lived in Jamaica until my midtwenties—although I now live in the US—I understand how the culture reacts to criticism.

City of Dust, City of Stones

Spring 2011 | Essays

Photographer Andre Lambertson and I visited Haiti together four times during 2010. We spent a week there on each occasion. We were there to learn and tell the story of HIV/AIDS in Haiti after the earthquake. Three hundred thousand Haitians died during that quake. Three hundred thousand. There are still bodies in the rubble. They may never be recovered. But millions now live with the memory of their loss. Among that number are the special people who we came to know—the people who are living with HIV/AIDS.