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Anne Winters


The Illustrated Gazetteer

ACROSS the walled continent at the back of the rainy horn-white mountains reading the names of the rainsmoking towns over and over at last my name dampens and slips away from the motionless figure on the sofa tonnage of thumb and forefinger slanting [...]

In the British Museum

UNDER the British grey, the smoked slats of the ceiling, their rhythm, velocity, elegance are gathered into time at increasing speed. The horses whinny, leaping through the Venetian flames. Ares clasps his knee restlessly, his heel rests lightly on [...]

Ajax and Odysseus Dicing

HAMS poised on their high, potlike bronze helmets the two heroes gesture in profile like formal and magnified black ants. A dog sits watching. Their names, and the dog's, float overhead with BEAUTIFUL MIKON, near the acanthus handle where the players [...]