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Anthony Ham

Anthony Ham is a Madrid-based freelance writer and photographer with a special interest in the Sahara and Sahel. His earlier report from Mali appeared in the Winter 2010 issue of VQR, and his journey to Araouane in search of evidence of al Qaeda in West Africa appeared in the Summer 2010 issue.


The Road to Revolution

Winter 2012 | Essays

No one—neither Libyans nor those of who claimed to know Libya well—saw the second revolution coming. For Libyans these daily conversations were a means of moral survival; they never truly believed that the changes of which they dreamt would ever come to pass.

Island in the Sand

Azima walks on the dunes surrounding Araouane. Behind him, the town’s dwellings are submerged in the desert sand. I wait by an empty Timbuktu roadside in the pre-dawn January chill. Nothing moves in the fetid stillness of the seemin [...]

The Lost Herd

Winter 2010 | Reporting

Elephants don’t belong here. But that doesn’t deter Amadou, a local guide who assures me that this, the barren badlands of north-central Mali, is prime elephant country. He saw them, the last remaining elephants along the Sahara’s southern fringe, only yesterday.