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Archibald B. Shepperson


A Portrait of De Quincey

De Quincey: A Portrait. By John Calvin Metcalf. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. $2.00. Among the large company of eccentric persons responsible for so much of England's greatest literature there is none with a personality more charming, m [...]

Letters for Posterity

Horace Walpole's Correspondence with the Rev. William Cole. Edited by w. S. Lewis and A. Dayle Wallace. New Haven: Yale University Press. 2 Volumes. $15.00. Some Unpublished Letters of Lord Chesterfield. Edited by Sidney L. Gulick, Jr. Berkeley: U [...]

More About Boswell

Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D, By James Boswell. Now First Published from the Original Manuscript. Prepared for the Press, with Preface and Notes by Frederick A. Pottle and Charles H. Bennett. New York: The Viking Pres [...]

The Ghosts of Bath

Bath. By Edith Sitwell. New York: Harrison Smith and Robert Haas. $3.50. Because of its regularity and inconsistency, its unruliness and restraint, its distinction and beauty, Bath is the best epitome of English life in the eighteenth century. L [...]

The Wages of Literature

The Cambridge Bibliography of English literature, Edited by F. W. Bateson. Cambridge University Press. The Macmillan Company. Four volumes. $32.50. Let us admit at the start that "The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature" con [...]