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Asim Rafiqui

Asim Rafiqui is an independent photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He began his professional career in 2003 by focusing on stories from Afghanistan and Pakistan while pursuing personal projects on issues related to the aftermath of conflict. He has since produced stories from Iraqi Kurdistan, Haiti, Israel, and the tribal areas of Pakistan. He was awarded the 2009 Aftermath Grant for his project The Idea of India. He contributes regularly to National Geographic (France), Stern (Germany), Newsweek, and Time (Asia).


Portraits of Survival

My teacher bought me a dreidel made from cast lead. Do you know the reason? In honor of Hanukkah! Hayyim Nahman Bialik, “In Honor of Hanukkah” I arrived in Gaza during the last days of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead—launched on D [...]

Letters from a Jilted Lover

Pakistan is one of the most photographed but least seen countries in the world. Thousands of photographers have passed through here with eyes that are intense but narrow. As a consequence, it is also one of the least understood countries in the world [...]