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Bill Oliver

Bill Oliver is the author of a collection of stories, WOMEN & CHILDREN FIRST (Mid-List, 1998), and a book of interviews (along with Bonnie Lyons), PASSION AND CRAFT: CONVERSATIONS WITH NOTABLE WRITERS (Univ. of Illinois, 1998).

His stories have appeared in VQR (“Companion” and “Excursion”), NEW LETTERS, CAROLINA QUARTERLY, INDIANA REVIEW, THE LAUREL REVIEW, THE FLORIDA REVIEW, CIMARRON REVIEW, and others. He directs the writing center at the Virginia Military Institute and is a regular visiting professor at Washington and Lee University.



Coming up behind him on the terrace, Jo felt the urge to pounce. Never mind she was 20 pounds overweight and lacked the feline agility to execute such a feat. Had this been his beloved Serengeti, had she possessed fangs and claws, then Lester Thurl [...]


She's not used to having him around in the daytime. Now and then, turning a corner, or glancing up as she enters a room, she's so startled to find she's not alone that her hand flies up to her heart and she lets out a gasp, imagining for the moment [...]