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Bret Lott

Bret Lott is the author of thirteen books, most recently the novel Dead Low Tide (Random House, 2012). He has served as Fulbright Senior American Scholar and writer-in-residence at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, spoken on Flannery O’Connor at the White House, and is on the National Council on the Arts. He teaches at the College of Charleston, and lives with his wife, Melanie, in Hanahan, South Carolina. “The Fixer: The Making of Frank Price” is from his biography-in-progress.


Frank Price, Sr., with 1927 Model T truck, Decatur, IL, 1937. (Courtesy of Frank Price)

The Fixer

Winter 2013 | Profiles

The boy has seen the sides of barns his father has painted, colorful pictures and perfectly shaped words twenty feet tall. And he’s seen the Shell gasoline stations around Decatur his father had been in charge of keeping painted and clean, all of them sharp and bright. His father is good at what he does. But there just isn’t enough work anymore, he’d heard his father tell his mother a hundred times. There just isn’t enough work.