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Broadus Mitchell


The South Speaking

Tar Heels. A Portrait of North Carolina. By Jonathan Daniels. Dodd, Mead and Company. $3.00. Below the Potomac. A Book about the New South. By Virginius Dabney. D. Appleton-Century Company. $3.00. This comment on two books about the South is writ [...]

Perplexing Prices

Save America First. By Jerome Frank. New York: Harper and Brothers. $3.75. Price and Price Policies. By Walton Hamilton and Associates. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company. $3.00. The most significant thing in economic writing, in the period in w [...]

Ten O’Clock Scholar

The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money. By John Maynard Keynes. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. $2.00. One of the most amusing things in political economy today is to observe the impact of the depression, and, through the [...]

Hamilton and Jefferson Today

Ihave just been looking, in the office of one of my colleagues, at portraits of Hamilton and Jefferson. The figure of Hamilton seems to be stepping forward out of the frame, while that of Jefferson threatens, for the time being, to vanish into the sh [...]

A Test of Technocrafts

Introduction to Technocracy. By Howard Scott and others. New York: The John Day Company. 90 cents. Life in a Technocracy. By Harold Loeb. New York: The Viking Press. $1.75. The A B C of Technocracy. By Frank Arkright. New York: Harper and Brothers. [...]

The Economic Deflation of Free Will

I The earliest recollection of my childhood, of a controversial nature, is the clash, sometimes posed in my hearing, between predestination and free will. My elders who spoke of it were conscienceful people, and as far as I was, you may be sure, fro [...]

Employers Front!

I stopped yesterday before a melancholy building in Washington. It stands just east of the Capitol, and was known once as the Brick Capitol and later as Old Capitol Prison. Those who until recently had offices there were all gone. Its windows and doo [...]

Why Cheap Labor Down South?

At this writing there are probably more workers on strike in the textile South (some ten thousand) than ever before in the fifty years of the history of the industry. These strikes are in the new rayon mills of German corporations at Elizabethton, Te [...]

Fleshpots in the South

The notion has long prevailed that the South is peculiar. New England, the Middle West, the Northwest, and the Pacific Slope have their characteristics, but these have been accepted as products of physical environment and economic pursuit, and have n [...]

Some Southern Industrialists

Falling Creek where it enters the James River seven miles below Richmond, Virginia, is "a place of old emprise." Here the London Company, in 1620, promoted iron works. It would seem from the number of men engaged in the erection and the len [...]

A Blast Against Economists

The business depression points an accusing finger at professional economists. This paper is not an apology for the economists—quite the contrary. At the same time it is proper to point out that when an epidemic disease attacks the community, (a fai [...]

Perspectives in Southern Industry

Southern Commercial Conventions, 1837-1859. By Herbert Wender. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. $2.00. Centennial Iliitory of the South Carolina Railroad. By S. M. Derrick. Columbia: The State Company. $5.00. Virginia Iron Manufacture in the Slave l [...]

Mid-Channel of Depression

A New Deal. By Stuart Chase. New York: The Macmillan Company. $2.00. A Guide Through World Chaos. By G. D. H. Cole. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $3.75. Economic Tracts for the Times. By G. D. H. Cole. New York: The Macmillan Company. $4.50. Profits o [...]

Familiar Scales in Higher Octave

Looking Forward. By Franklin D. Roosevelt. New York: The John Day Company. $2.50. The Industrial Discipline and the Governmental Arts. By Rexford G. Tugwell. New York: Columbia University Press. $2.50. The Internal Debts of the United States. Edite [...]