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Bruce Crawford


When the Soldiers Come Back

About ten million Americans, if we split Brigadier General Hershey's high and low induction figures, will be coming back after this war. They will have finished what Vice-President Wallace termed "a fight between a slave world and a free world.& [...]

A People’s Peace

The Making of Tomorrow. By Raoul de Roussy de Sales. Reynal & Hitchcock. $3.00. Dawn of Victory. By Louis Fischer. Duell, Sloan and Pearce. $2.75. The Atlantic System. By Forrest Davis. Reynal & Hitchcock. $3.00. Peace by Power. By Lionel G [...]

Piney Ridge, Virginia

Impelled by a curiosity wholly sympathetic, I have made a few trips to the place which its hundred or more inhabitants call Piney Ridge. It is a scattered community, unincorporated and without a post-office. In the region of John Fox's mythical Lones [...]

Whose Prosperity?

This is a day when everybody is offering the South advice. Her friends, resident and absentee, counsel sanity and balance in her racket of industrial expansion. Northern critics, and they have been many and loud in recent months, supplement grave war [...]