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C. Herman Pritchett


The Power and the Glory

TVA—Democracy on the March. By David E. Lilienthal. Harper and Brothers. $2.50. The TVA has proved to be the New Deal's most exportable product. The procession of foreign visitors to Knoxville and other centers of Authority activity in the T [...]

The Meaning of the T.V.A.

"There is something in the mere cant of a dam, when seen from below, that makes one think of the Pyramids of Egypt. Both Pyramid and dam represent an architecture of power. But the difference it notable, too, and should make one prouder of being [...]

Postwar Program Notes

Tomorrow's Business. By Beardsley Ruml. Farrar and Rinchart. $2.50, The Public Debt. By William Withers. The John Day Company. $1.75. It is a little hard to catalog Beardsley Ruml. He is or has been a psychologist, executive officer of two p [...]