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Cale Young Rice



Last night in sleep there ran through me Elysian Delights like these, of memory and vision:The long creamy fall of surf on beaches Which trouble nor rumor of trouble ever reaches. A mocking bird on the brink of a bog singing, Then over the rose of su [...]


He died at his fingers first, and toes; He said, "They are numb, they are numb!" But his bitter old heart and bitter old brain Beat on like a lashed tom-tom. His bitter old heart beat slanderously, His bitter old brain beat mad: Dea [...]


Fallen leaves skitter fleet And elf-like down the street. Winds have blown the moon awry, It hangs a half-thing in the sky. A sorry chimney-pot thing, Sooty silver in a ring. Time, the sweep, has brushed away Half of it . . .Al [...]