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Cecily Parks

Cecily Parks’s poetry collection Field Folly Snow was a finalist for the Norma Farber First Book Award and the Shenandoah/Glasgow Prize for Emerging Writers. She lives in New York City.



An indigo ex-goddess to roost in my ribs & warn my heart of waylaying: the concept breaks & beautifully enters me. My own canary, my own mine. Vagrant angel of convalescence, you picked the ornithology lab lock as if it w [...]

Self-Portrait as Angler’s Damselfly

Winter 2005 | Poetry

It takes a certain type to be devoured daily, to slide into each fish's jaw with no song in my throat. Please consider, in big-river country, the allure of the miniature, of tinsel, feather and thread, of stiff, glittering hackles and glued wings [...]