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Charles W. Kennedy


Sing, Lad, While You May

SING, lad, while you may Under the sun; Soon cometh end of day And night begun. Ask not of gay or sad; They weep who must, Till aching hearts, lad, Are blowing dust; And fragrance of the May, Or sound of laughter The wind has borne away, Come not her [...]

Once in a Magic Hour

ONCE IN A MAGIC HOUR Come friend, bar fast the shutter, The candle's burning low; The morrow's lips shall utter The dawn's recurrent woe. Here in a magic hour We met, who dwell apart, And speech was clothed with power Interpreting the heart. Tomorrow [...]

The Silver Bird

Dear, should the wonder cease, And the glory fail, Go from me— Not for peace Shaken and pale, Shall memory avail. If the silver bird of love Fret for the wind, Loose her to stars above, Free her to find The dream enshrined. Break the sil [...]