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Claudia Emerson

Claudia Emerson (1957 - 2014) was the author of several books of poetry, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning collection Late Wife (2005), Secure the Shadow (2012), and The Opposite House (2015), all published by Louisiana State. Her honors included two additional Pulitzer Prize nominations, fellowships from the Library of Congress and the Guggenheim Foundation, and the poet laureateship of Virginia. 


Poetry Poster #6: Claudia Emerson

August 3, 2012 | Poetry

This week’s poem is by Claudia Emerson: "Greengrocer." It appeared in our Spring 2012 issue on the state of American Poetry. To download a high-resolution PDF of this image, click here.


Spring 2012 | Poetry

Having made the maze of cartons, bins,
and scales, he moves, aproned, unseen among them,
the architectures his to build and rebuild

House Sparrows

Spring 2012 | Poetry

They are here, in the eaves, the clothesline pole,
hayloft—everywhere she looks—and everywhere
she goes they are there before her, in town

Spring Ice Storm

Fall 2008 | Poetry

The forecast had not predicted it,
and its beginning, a calming, rumbled dusk

and pleasant lightning, she welcomed as harbinger

The Medical Venus

Fall 2008 | Poetry

In the patient, quiet museum, she is exhibited
closed, indehiscent inside a glass casket,

reclining on her back, on hair long as her spine.

Piano Fire

Summer 2006 | Poetry

How she must have dreaded us and our sweaty coins, more
than we hated practice, the lessons, scales, the winter-hot parlor,

her arthritic hands, the metronome’s awful tick. She lectured