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Craig Morgan Teicher

Craig Morgan Teicher is a poet, critic, and freelance writer. His first book of poems, Brenda Is in the Room and Other Poems, was chosen by Paul Hoover as winner of the 2007 Colorado Prize for Poetry. His collection of short stories and fables, Cradle Book, will be published in 2010. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.


There Is No Place That Does Not See You

Spring 2010 | Criticism

The Poetry of Rilke: Bilingual Edition, by Rainier Maria Rilke, translated and edited by Edward Snow. North Point, $50Rilke has had plenty of remarkable translators, most famously, Stephen Mitchell. All have produced fine versions of Rilke’s unrele [...]

The Prisoner

I am telling the truth, though that is of little consequence to my captors. It is not the truth that they hope to force from my lips. And they will get what they want—certainly they will, for I can only endure so much, like anyone—but not yet. F [...]

The First Fire

The very first fire burned for an hour. It seemed to set itself ablaze and then it ran its course. The second fire burned for a day, the third for a year, and so on, until the fire burned longer than any man could measure. Men threw their food into [...]

Raised by Wolves

He could have been, though he was not. He had never even seen a wolf—he had lived with his father and mother in a big white house with a bay window. But, had he been left in the woods—though they would never have left him anywhere, and never went [...]