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D.A. Powell

D.A. Powell’s most recent collection of poetry is Useless Landscape or A Guide for Boys (Graywolf, 2012). His other books include Chronic, winner of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Prize. His awards include a Paul Engle Fellowship from the James Michener Center, an NEA fellowship, and the Lyric Poetry Award from the Poetry Society of America. He is an associate professor of English at the University of San Francisco.


Sheila’s End (Credits)

Spring 2012 | Poetry

The fact of failure is one kind of song I like. Oh me, oh my, I’m a fool for you baby is another. And now there is the being out of touch, the fray of my tether. Fine. I want nothing when they snuff the daylights out. A little jam. A little band wi [...]

The Invited

Spring 2012 | Poetry

Who can tell if he’s a sprite. “Spare anything green.” This is the last of Sheila, but I give it over. Somebody called the hatchet man that night. I got to beat him off with a willow branch. They’re rounding up the most suspicious-looking peo [...]

continental divide

had no direction to go but up: and this, the shattery road its surface graining, trickle in late thaw—is nothing amiss? —this melt, the sign assures us, natural cycle and whoosh, the water a dream of forgotten white past aspens colored in s [...]