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Daniel Groves

Daniel Groves was born and raised in Narragansett, Rhode Island, and educated at Johns Hopkins University. His poems have appeared in Paris Review, Yale Review, Poetry, and Best New Poets 2005. He is on staff at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference.


So Long

I keep my distance, watching (as you would) over nodding heads, from my parking spot, your burial in a corresponding plot. Underfoot, you might be understood, as we assume the silence of the dead reciprocal of all we left unsaid. Alike in our [...]

Way Back

Spring 2006 | Poetry

  Episodic family vacations . . . only one still went along, “the baby,” whose own caprice— expansive, interior—their outdated wagon became the seat of—a stationary agon; express, per-minute revolutions, vis- a-vis (that plotted Trip-T [...]