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Daniel J. Meador

Daniel J. Meador is James Monroe Professor of Law Emeritus at The University of Virginia. He was a Fullbright Lecturer in England in 1965-66, Dean of the University of Alabama Law School, 1966-70, Assistant Attorney General of the United States, 1977-79. Except for those appointments, he served on the University of Virginia Law Faculty from 1957 to 1995. In 1954-55 he was Law Clerk to Justice Hugo Black on the U.S. Supreme Court. Author of several books and numerous articles on legal subjects, he has also published 2 novels: His Father’s House and Unforgotten.


Riding Over the Past? Cahaba, 1936

Winter 2002 | Essays

The trees rise dense and tall down the sloping bank. Here the growth is so thick that the summer sun barely penetrates. Filtered light and flickering shadows play through the gloomy woods bordering the river's edge. The heat, too, is filtered; the [...]

Hugo Black and Thomas Jefferson

Among high-ranking public officials in the United States during the 20th century, none was a more ardent admirer of Thomas Jefferson than Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black. Few, if any, looked to Jefferson for inspiration and guidance on importan [...]