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Darren McCollester

Darren McCollester is a photojournalist living in Boston, Massachusetts. He has covered conflicts in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central and Southeast Asia, Central and South America, as well as major events in the US.


Here Everything is Poison

Fall 2010 | Reporting

Cold winds carry lead-filled dust from a nearby slagheap, a hundred million tonnes of toxic tailings, and scatter it on clothes hanging from laundry lines, on open buckets of drinking water, on the dirt children play in, and on the feral dogs running down alleys in this former French army barracks housing about 250 displaced Roma men, women, and children.

Police tape, marked DANGEROUS, cordons off a murder scene in Juárez, Mexico.

Call of the Narcocorrido

Fall 2009 | Reporting

In the PM newsroom, two men listen to the strains of a narcocorrido drifting from a police scanner. The vague shrill discord of accordions and a brass band echoes in the glass office until a burst of distortion shatters the ill-begotten melody and imposes a staticky silence. They know in the expanding quiet that someone will die tonight.