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David Lloyd

David Lloyd is the author of nine books, including a novel, Over the Line (2013), and a story collection, Boys: Stories and a Novella (2004), both published by Syracuse. His three poetry collections are Warriors (Salt, 2012), The Gospel According to Frank (New American, 2009), and The Everyday Apocalypse (Three Conditions, 2002). In 2000, he received the Poetry Society of America’s Robert H. Winner Memorial Award. He directs the creative-writing program at Le Moyne College.


Illustration by Sergio Garcia Sanchez

The Moving of the Water

Summer 2018 | Fiction

Mrs. Anwen Bevan, retired administrative assistant to a vice president in the Utica Mutual Insurance Co., devoted a portion of each day to strategizing about her yard. It was rectangular, fifty feet wide and eighty feet long, hemmed in by the yards of three neighbors. To the left and right, chain-link fences ran the length of her property. Between these at the far end was a ramshackle low stone wall, remnant of an early era of wall- and fence-making in this neighborhood. Mrs. Bevan did not want her yard to be overrun with trees, flowers, and vegetables, or serve as a haven for birds, insects, bees, or squirrels, as was the case with the Cavallo family on her left.

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